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  Femoral Nail
  Gamma Locking Nail
  Tibial Nail
  Periarticular Plating
  Retrograde Femoral Nail
  Locking Compression Plate

Ph.D. Wang Aiguo

Chairman and General Manager
Mr. Wang, Ph.D. from Cambridge University, has over 22 years of experience in medical devices industry and 8 years in executive leadership roles. Major areas of contributions to orthopaedics: X3 highly cross-linked polyethylene bearing technology, Tritanium porous metal fixation technology, laser additive manufacturing and Ebeam 3D printing, the Stryker Virtual Bone Database and Analytics (SOMA). As a world renowned leader in orthopaedic biomaterials, biomechanics, biotribology, advanced manufacturing research, Dr. Wang has more than 120 scientific publications and 20 plus US patents; Dr. Wang is also a visiting professor of three of China’s top universities, Research Leader of the Year Award by the New Jersey Hi-Tech Hall of Fame and MVP Awards by Stryker Othopaedics. In Stryker Group, Dr. Wang is a highly-respected and distinguished Chinese representative.

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