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  Locking Compression Plate
Intramedullary nailing has become increasingly popular as a treatment for long bone
fractures, and it is suitable for all fractures extending from 7-8 cm distal to the tibial
plateau, to within 5.5 cm of the distal articular surface, provided that the epiphyses are
closed. The ORTHMED® Intramedullary Fixation System is a set of intramedullary nails
which offers several advantages over existing systems. A major advantage of the system is
the ability to insert both proximal and distal locking screws accurately and quickly without
the use of X-rays, using an external mechanical targeting device. The locking screw has a
smooth shank 4 mm in diameter which penetrates the distal cortex. A locking screw of this
configuration is much stronger for a given diameter than a fully threaded screw. The
locking holes in the nail are 4.2 mm wide. The system provides secure proximal and distal
locking, ensuring maximal stability, with minimal risk of screw breakage.
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