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The locking screw concept was produced by Dr. Tepic S and Dr. Perren SM for the first
time in 1995. With locking compression plate put in use, it became one of the most
important developments for plate and screw internal fixation in recent years. Locking
screws provide the ability to create a fixed-angle construct while utilizing familiar
conventional plating techniques. The fixed-angle construct function like a internal fixators
which maintain primary and secondary loss of reduction. This kind construct also provides
improved fixation in osteopenic bone or multifragment fractures where traditional screw
purchase is compromised. LCP constructs do not rely on plate-to-bone compression to
maintain stability. Therefore, the periosteum will be protected and the blood supply to the
bone preserved. With these distinguished improvements, the LCP become an implant
category of increasing importance for trauma treatment.

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