Dynamic Hip Screw
  Femoral Nail
  Gamma Locking Nail
  Tibial Nail
  Periarticular Plating
  Retrograde Femoral Nail
  Locking Compression Plate
  Devine-TL5.5/6.0 Posterior Spinal
  Devine-C Posterior Spinal

Devine-TL5.5/TL6.0 posterior spinal system incorporates the benefits of other spine systems available on the market. Dual- thread design significantly reduces the screw insertion time. Cylindrical design with conical inner core can effectively stabilize the screw into vertebral. And reverse threads design minimizes the stress on the lateral wall after locking. The extensive specification implants and fine instruments are offered to accommodate individual patients including younger children. what's more, our Elrod intervertebral dynamic stabilization applies the new conception of spine fixation, which filled the vacancy of non-fusion products of our spine system.

  1. Low profile
  2. Dual threads
  3. Cylindrical shape and conical inner core?
  4. Reverse threads of set screw
  5. Extensive specification
  6. Various hooks
  7. Elrod for intervertebral dynamic stabilization fixation
  8. Optimal instruments
  9. Aseptic packages and nonsterile packages


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